Wind Turbine Maintenance


At TIS NE we are experienced at provide rope access services to the wind energy sector for wind turbine maintenance and wind turbine installation projects.

We also offer wind turbine commissioning, wind turbine inspection, wind turbine blade repairs and bespoke maintenance services.

Most wind turbines are designed to work for 120,000 hours throughout their lifespan which is usually 20 years. This is the equivalent of the turbine operating for approximately 66% of the time for two decades. Throughout its life the wind turbine will require regular maintenance and blade repair, inspection and of course, installation of a new replacement turbine at the end of its lifespan.

Some of the components within a wind turbine are subject to more wear and tear than others. A moving part such as a gearbox will usually wear out faster than a static part, and an exposed component such as the rotor blade will wear out faster than a component shielded from the elements.

TIS NE provide rope access technicians that will provide wind turbine inspections, carry out servicing and tune major systems within the turbine to avoid costly downtime and improve uptime performance of your wind turbines.

Blade Repair and Upgrades

At TIS NE we offer specialist technicians for uptower maintenance, repairs and upgrades, including surface repairs, structural repairs and fabrication.