High Pressure Water Jetting


High (HP) pressure and Ultra High (UHP) water jetting (also known as watercutting or hydroblasting) is a powerfully effective cleaning technique which is also regarded as being the most environmentally sound industrial cleaning method. TIS NE provides rope access technicians who are trained and skilled in these techniques.

TIS NE offers a choice of diesel and electric HP units which can run hot or cold with varying pressures and flow rates to suit the requirements of your high pressure water jetting project. Scopes range from surface preparation, tank cleaning and graffiti removal.

Surface preparation

HP water jetting is the most efficient and environmentally friendly wet abrasive blasting available today for dust-free surface preparation of concrete, steel, fibreglass or wood.

Tank Cleaning

We know how important regular cleaning and maintenance is to remove harmful substances from vessels to ensure safety, integrity and quality of the product. Acid and alkaline substances, flammables and toxins can build up, all of which can easily and efficiently be removed by HP water jetting. This environmentally-friendly method cleans tanks to the standards you require, with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

Graffiti Removal

There is no better way to remove graffiti. High pressure water jetting effectively cleans graffiti from concrete, wood, steel and other surfaces.

TIS NE have cleaned and decontaminated a variety of projects across the industrial spectrum including bund areas, plating shops, gulley jetting, blocked drains and pipes, spray booth cleaning, and chemical store decontamination. If you want a fast, efficient and safe industrial cleaning job done to the highest standards, get in touch today.

Why Use High Pressure Water Jetting?

  • Dust-free
  • Chemical and toxin-free
  • Hot or cold option
  • Electric or diesel HP units
  • Productive on day one